How to setup TimeMachine on a network drive with disk quota

# Give read-only access for tm user root@NAS:/mnt/array1/tm$ cd amber_001122334455.sparsebundle root@NAS:/mnt/array1/tm/amber.sparsebundle$ chown root:root Info.* root@NAS:/mnt/array1/tm/amber.sparsebundle$ chmod a+r-w Info.* # Check access rights: root@NAS:/mnt/array1/tm/amber.sparsebundle# ls -l -r--r--r-- 1 root root 500 Oct 9 20:36 Info.bckup -r--r--r-- 1 root root 500 Oct 9 20:36 Info.plist drwxrwsrwx 3 tm hdusers 1155072 Oct 17 19:08 bands/

Configure TimeMachine

The last step is to configure TimeMachine to backup to network disk. It’s the same process as with usual hdd.

Once TimeMachine is configured, let’s verify that it is backing up normally and will not occupy the whole disk space.

Open Spotlight and type Console — a special program to see your software logs. Matching string for TimeMachine will be backupd

At the console logs you should see something like this:

10/9/12 8:39:36.012 PM Starting standard backup 10/9/12 8:39:36.026 PM Attempting to mount network destination URL: afp://tm@NAS._afpovertcp._tcp.local/tm 10/9/12 8:39:36.480 PM Mounted network destination at mountpoint: /Volumes/tm-1 using URL: afp://tm@NAS._afpovertcp._tcp.local/tm 10/9/12 8:39:53.925 PM Resizing backup disk image from 1024.0 GB to 1834.2 GB 10/9/12 8:39:53.938 PM Could not resize backup disk image (DIHLResizeImage returned 35) 10/9/12 8:39:53.939 PM Renaming /Volumes/tm-1/amber_c82a141a607c.sparsebundle to /Volumes/tm-1/amber.sparsebundle 10/9/12 8:39:53.971 PM Running backup verification 10/9/12 8:39:55.349 PM QUICKCHECK ONLY; FILESYSTEM CLEAN 10/9/12 8:40:57.454 PM Backup verification passed! 10/9/12 8:40:58.953 PM QUICKCHECK ONLY; FILESYSTEM CLEAN 10/9/12 8:41:01.105 PM Disk image /Volumes/tm-1/amber.sparsebundle mounted at: /Volumes/Time Machine 10/9/12 8:41:01.113 PM Backing up to: /Volumes/Time Machine/Backups.backupdb 10/9/12 8:41:01.117 PM Ownership is disabled on the backup destination volume. Enabling. 10/9/12 8:41:12.304 PM Backup content size: 95.2 GB excluded items size: 18.1 GB for volume sys 10/9/12 8:42:20.556 PM Backup content size: 668.6 GB excluded items size: 248.4 GB for volume storage 10/9/12 8:42:20.564 PM 596.84 GB required (including padding), 1023.05 GB available 10/9/12 8:42:20.616 PM Waiting for index to be ready (101)

The message we’re most interested in is Could not resize backup disk image (DIHLResizeImage returned 35), which means that our access rights hack worked and TimeMachine will be limited by 1024GB.

However, reporting will show you the whole disk size as available — don’t be confused by this:

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