Tuning cheap burr coffee grinder Camry CR 4439

Main controls

Device is equipped with two controls:
  • timer
  • burr tuner
The first one controls for how long your grinder will work and hence, how much ground coffee it will produce. The burr tuner controls the size of ground coffee particles and it varies from coarse to super fine. This is typically where the problem arises, as it is highly likely that switching it into super fine position will yield coffee particles that are way too large in size for good espresso. This means that you need to disassemble your device and tune burr manually.


To avoid accidentally turning on your grinder, the designers of this home appliance invented a number of fuses in the form of small plastic buttons:
  • 2 fuses are located at the bottom and top of ground coffee tray
  • the last one is at the border of top cover
The device won’t work until both tray and top cover are tightly installed. Before making yourself upset and asking for warranty make sure these fuses are pressed, since there may be a small amounts of coffee particles which will prevent them from being on during frequent usage.


To take device apart you’ll need To get access to burr tuning mechanism you’ll need to take off top grey cover which is held by 5 plastic clips shown by red arrows above. Take patience, since you’ll probably need a lot of hard force to take it apart — make sure using plastic opening tools to not scratch plastic case and void your warranty. Next, you’ll need a screwdriver to tune burr position: The plastic wheel(shown by green arrow) which controls the distance between the burrs has a small protective ledge, which allows it to rotate only 180 degrees. You need to detach it from main wheel and make one full rotation counterclockwise. Make sure that main outer burr control will be in coarse position. Assemble everything once again and find the best position of burr which will yield you decent quality grind.


Camry CR 4439 product page Inspirational video of similar Delonghi KG79 disassembly

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