Hello, my name is Andrew and I am passionate about how computers solve human’s everyday problems.

There a tons of crappy software out there, basically, because 99% of developers don’t want to deal with anything UI-related.

I hate stupid interfaces, bloated software & love almost everything Mac.

Here, I am broadcasting about my struggles with latest web technologies, user interfaces, automation techniques & other interesting stuff.

You can reach me by writing to bananos@dev.co.ua

In case you have some crazy startup idea and want to do technological reality check, drop me a line via my linkedin profile

My free time is solely dedicated to traveling all around the world & maintaining my two home-grown babies:

  • Cine.com.ua — a ukrainian movie showtime database for mobile devices
  • Teatre.ua — an ultimate resource about modern drama in Ukraine

There’s also my humble amount of open-source stuff available on GitHub.

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    You are fuckingly amazing man! )

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    Bananza in da house!