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Installing OpenVZ on Amazon EC2

Imagine, that your system is pretty complicated and consists of a number of components, each deployed into separate machine.  For development & testing needs it’s always too costly to keep up & running all these machines.  It’s not that as easy to make modification into your system structure, i.e. adding new machines with different roles, etc.

One solution is to virtualize all your stuff & isolate environment of each component.  An easy way would be to buy a hardware & setup hardware virtualization such as XEN for instance, but there is more popular approach — using Amazon EC2 cloud services.

In this post I’m going to show you how to setup OpenVZ virtualization on Amazon EC2 node (which, actually itself is virtualized XEN node)

We’re going to use as a base a CentOS 5.6 Amazon image with pv-grub enabled (this is required to be able to boot into custom kernel)

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