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Running php 5.2 fpm on ARM processor

Sometimes you need to run legacy php code on ARM processors. Since php 5.2 was released 2 November 2006 at the time there were not a lot of powerful ARM solutions capable of running full-fledged websites. However, right now there is a possibility to run pretty heavy code on modern ARM platforms and a lot of linux distros support ARM architecture. There is even dedicated ARM cloud hosting.

In this post we’re going to fix the inability to run PHP in the FPM(Fast Process Manager) mode which is an absolute requirement if you want to run production websites.

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Python vs. PHP duck typing

Having previous experience in writing PHP code could potentially lead you to hours of debugging in Python.
Consider the following simple example in PHP:


$s = "0";
$my = (bool) $s;


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Make use of Google Spreadsheets in your php scripts

Ever wanted to integrate Google Spreadsheets with your application? This post describes a simple way of how you can do it using simple php script.

Step 1. Create sample google spreadsheet with random data

Here is how it might look like:

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